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We desire to journey alongside you in your own desire for greater wholeness and deepened faith, offering a variety of opportunities for growth in your personal, relational and spiritual life.  InnerLonging is an evangelical and biblically based organization.

God places many longings in our heart, soul and spirit: to be heard, felt, seen, known and deeply loved, to be healed and made whole, to have meaning and purpose in life...you can likely name many other longings and desires that leave you restless in your own life.  We offer many ways to create space to explore these longings and desires, and experience God's grace in the process.

We offer counseling, spiritual direction, biblically oriented workshops and Days of Reflection,  individual and group retreats, and opportunities for church or community based workshops at your location.

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Life's journey is rarely easy or without times of stress, trauma or heartache. Counseling, or psychotherapy, is an ongoing therapeutic relationship between an individual, couple or family and a therapist who has been trained and licensed by the state in which services are offered.   The therapist and client work together to discover the roots of client symptoms, and bring healing, wholeness and greater inner freedom into the life of the client.


We offer both therapeutic and spiritual growth workshops in our professional setting in Kennesaw, Georgia, at our mountain cabin in North Georgia, as well as for churches,  spiritual organizations, and community groups at their location on request.  Generally, a workshop combines teaching, hands on activities, and time for group sharing and processing. 



We offer opportunities for personal, pastoral and therapeutic caregivers to "come away" for a day or several days, alone or with a small group, in order to rest, reflect and deepen in your relationship with God.  Our North Georgia cabin is a quiet place, where you may "go it alone" or choose to have a directed retreat with the help of a spiritual director.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a process to help you become increasingly aware of the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life. It is about growing in your relationship with God as you continue your spiritual journey. A Spiritual Director is a companion who walks alongside you, and through times of sharing, may be able to offer you holy ‘noticings’ and observations  that can deepen your understanding of God and who you are in relationship to him.  Together, you will uncover and discover divine movements in your life.


Creative Expression

Visual art, music, poetry,  journaling, movement and even drama are all forms of creative expression.  These expressive tools allow a person to  connect with both soul and spirit in a deeper way.  Participants in our offerings often feel that God speaks through these creative exercises and brings insight and understanding into their relationship with Him.  Therapeutic expressive therapies also work to deepen our insight and understanding of ourselves.



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